Friday, December 1, 2006

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Classmate, Intel's alternative to the $ 100 laptop

Intel is not willing to lose market succulent representing developing countries. While AMD bet heavily on the initiative of Nicholas Negroponte (OLPC), Intel has developed its own machine, which stands out for its greater power and performance but also more expensive.

are two alternatives for the time that Intel has the market. The first is a small laptop designed to compete directly with AMD Negroponte initiative and called the Classmate .

The second, dubbed Affordable PC is the desktop version, providing LAN connectivity and multimedia features.

Designed for an audience of children in all details (including the keyboard), the Classmate has a Celeron processor with 915GMS chip, WVXGA 7-inch screen (800 × 600), 256 Mb DDR2 and storage based on flash drives 1 Gb The operating system would be a reduced version of Windows XP (Starter Edition) and can run smoothly Office office suite next to the Explorer browser from Microsoft.

Its screen is LCD and Wi-LAN, USB support and integrated sound card.

Intel argues that this equipment offers greater possibilities than the laptop presented by Negroponte to not set limits on users and administrators in the use of operating systems or apliaciones. Furthermore, they say prevents crystallization of the digital divide by providing a separation between the most needy (and cheap computers controlled programs) and with greater resources (powerful and freedom of choice for tools).

for professionals or for home use, the Affordable PC is much like the Mac Mini. A small black box equipped with LAN connectivity, USB and integrated sound card. You can connect to TV, which would avoid purchasing a monitor.

Price of both teams is around $ 300, Intel representatives said, 160 more than projected by Negroponte.


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